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Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Extensions.ComponentBasedDeviceApiExtensions Class Reference

Extensions for IComponentBasedDeviceApi. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Boolean HasComponent< TComponent > (this IComponentBasedDeviceApi api)
 Check whether API has component of given type. More...

Detailed Description

Extensions for IComponentBasedDeviceApi.

Member Function Documentation

◆ HasComponent< TComponent >()

static Boolean Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Extensions.ComponentBasedDeviceApiExtensions.HasComponent< TComponent > ( this IComponentBasedDeviceApi  api)

Check whether API has component of given type.

apiDevice API.
Template Parameters
TComponentAPI component type
True if component present. False otherwise.
Type Constraints
TComponent :class 
TComponent :IDeviceApiComponent 
TComponent :api 
TComponent :GetComponent<TComponent>() 
TComponent :null