Photomechanics API
Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.TurntableControl.Legacy.Mft.LegacyMftApi Class Reference

API implementation for MFT turn tables. More...

Inheritance diagram for Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.TurntableControl.Legacy.Mft.LegacyMftApi:

Public Member Functions

 LegacyMftApi (LegacyMftCommandRunner commandRunner)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.ComponentBasedDeviceApiBase
async Task Initialize ()
 Initialize connection with device.
TComponent GetComponent< TComponent > ()
 Get component of given type.
void Dispose ()

Protected Member Functions

override async Task OnInitializing ()
 Initialize connection with turn table.
override void Dispose (Boolean disposing)
 Standard Dispose pattern.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.ComponentBasedDeviceApiBase
void InitializeComponents (IEnumerable< IDeviceApiComponent > components)
 Initialize components set. More...
void InitializeComponents (params IDeviceApiComponent[] components)
 Initialize components set. More...


LegacyMftCommandRunner CommandRunner [get]
String ConnectionInfo [get]
- Properties inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.ComponentBasedDeviceApiBase
Boolean IsDisposed [get]
- Properties inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IDisposableExtended
Boolean IsDisposed [get]
 Determines whether the object is being disposed or already disposed and no longer functional. More...
- Properties inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.TurntableControl.Interfaces.ITurntableApi
String ConnectionInfo [get]
 Human-readable string that will contain information about connection. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Events inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.ComponentBasedDeviceApiBase
TypedEventHandler< IDisposableExtendedDisposed
- Events inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IDisposableExtended
TypedEventHandler< IDisposableExtendedDisposed
 Occurs when object is disposed. More...

Detailed Description

API implementation for MFT turn tables.

Any unexpected input from turn table (invalid messages, characters not surrounded messages begin/end, etc.) will cause API to self-dispose. IDisposableExtended.IsDisposed can be used to determine API state after initialization.