Photomechanics API
Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IComponentBasedDeviceApi Interface Reference

Represents high level device API. More...

Inheritance diagram for Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IComponentBasedDeviceApi:

Public Member Functions

Task Initialize ()
 Initialize connection with device. More...
TComponent GetComponent< TComponent > ()
 Get component of given type. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IDisposableExtended
Boolean IsDisposed [get]
 Determines whether the object is being disposed or already disposed and no longer functional. More...
- Events inherited from Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IDisposableExtended
TypedEventHandler< IDisposableExtendedDisposed
 Occurs when object is disposed. More...

Detailed Description

Represents high level device API.

Delegates actual functionality to API components. Concrete API feature set is formed by provided components.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Initialize()

Task Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IComponentBasedDeviceApi.Initialize ( )

Initialize connection with device.

API will self-dispose at this stage if unable to establish connection for some reason.

Implemented in Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.ComponentBasedDeviceApiBase.

◆ GetComponent< TComponent >()

TComponent Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.Interfaces.IComponentBasedDeviceApi.GetComponent< TComponent > ( )

Get component of given type.

Template Parameters
TComponentType of the component to search.
Device API component. null if API does not provide component of TComponent type.

Implemented in Photomechanics.Photo3DStudio.Common.ComponentBasedDeviceApiBase.

Type Constraints
TComponent :class 
TComponent :IDeviceApiComponent